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40Plus also offers its members and guests the opportunity to participate in special events and workshops, including:

  • An evening networking series, “Networking with Purpose”
  • “Taste of 40Plus” events providing an introduction to 40Plus methodology
  • Resume Review workshops
  • LinkedIn workshops
  • An annual Members meeting & celebration
  • And many others…………

Upcoming Special Events/Workshops

    • Tue, June 26, 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • 1627 K St NW, 3rd fl. Washington, DC
    • 40

      Special Event
    Social Sector Networking Night:
    Design a Brand that Represents Your Best Self


    Meet people from all corners of the philanthropic world, forge potential collaborations, or just enjoy a stimulating conversation.

    The night will include a program on branding yourself by Christa Davis of Christa Davis Coaching.

    Explore the ins and outs of building a “brand” that is authentic to who you are. Learn how to leverage your unique strengths and attributes to develop your brand, make intentional branding decisions that align with your professional goals, and explore how to overcome any barriers that are holding you back from presenting your best "branded" self.

    This networking event is for anyone and everyone who supports the work of the social sector.


        Christa Davis
    Christa Davis Coaching


    Christa Davis is a leadership & career coach and the owner of Christa Davis Coaching. She specializes in helping emerging women leaders create meaningful impact in their careers and life, and partnering with organizations to create productive, positive, and engaged work cultures.

    Christa is passionate about elevating professionals to achieve their biggest career goals, and has facilitated leadership development programming for various organizations including the Women’s Information Network, United Women in Business Foundation, Society for International Development, and the Women’s Congressional Staff Association. In addition to coaching, Christa is the founder of the professional development group, DC Emerging Women Leaders, in which she hosts monthly coaching events designed to bring a community of women leaders together to invest their self-development.

    Prior to launching her business, Christa worked in the nonprofit industry for over five years in the areas of fundraising and communications. In addition to her coach training through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Christa holds a B.A. in International Affairs and will graduate with a M.A. in Organizational Leadership & Learning from the George Washington University in 2019.

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        Tuesday, June 26
    0 pm – 8:00 pm
    1627 K Street, NW, 3rd Floor
    Washington, DC  20006

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    • Mon, July 23, 2018
    • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
    • 1627 K St NW, 3rd fl. Washington, DC
    • 37

      Networking Strategies That Work for Job Search and Career Advancement

    Join us for a new experience - 40Plus Monday Evening Events. Connect with other professionals for a valuable "twilight" networking experience. 

    (Note:  this event replaces the Monday Morning program this week)

    Coach Powell Training and Development (CPT&D)

    Marvin Powell
    CEO and Founder
    Coach Powell Training and Development (CPT&D)

    We believe first and foremost that everyone has a unique and special gift that can be used to create phenomenal success in their lives while enriching the lives of others. Our gift is to help business leaders to fully exploit their unique talents and insure long lasting personal and professional development. To this end we've created some of the most successful talent development tools, workshops and seminars ever. CPT&D takes advantage of our many years of service and commitment to the small business community both in financial services and through various boards and committees. It's an honor to continue to serve the business community and help key leaders uncover and repair stumbling blocks to their greatest success! We're very happy to use our unique interpretations of proven leadership methodologies in our work with successful business leaders and top sales producers. Together we achieve greater rewards as we help our clients uncover their hidden potential.

    As the creator of VisionQuest90™, the most dynamic personal, business, and executive coaching system today, we use advanced technologies and systems to help growth oriented business owners, consultants, and nonprofit leaders achieve excellence in their chosen endeavors. Join our 90 day program and experience your very own personal success revolution! 

    I am truly dedicated to providing others with the professional attention necessary to help them to develop their talent and achieve their highest potential. As an experienced author, lecturer, business coach, and financial professional for more than 25 years, I have created tremendous value for some of the brightest leaders in the DC Metro Area.

    My team offers a variety of powerful products and services for both professional and personal development. Let us help you discover the magic of VisionQuest90™, Coffee, Tea You and Me or our new e-book The Power Play Book.

    My leadership in community organizations are the engines that drive a tremendously powerful professional network that is highly organized and growing stronger each day. We're committed to sharing our collective talents and building upon each other's strengths.

    It seems as if my personal motto "a good life is spent in the service of others" is actualized in our work with so many charitable groups and councils. I've been a key leader with the Antioch Baptist Church Entrepreneurs Council, the Phi Beta Sigma Bigger and Better Business Committee and the Compton Village Home Owners Association.
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            Monday, July 23
    0 pm – 6:30 pm
    1627 K Street, NW, 3rd Floor
    Washington, DC  20006

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